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Thu, 13 Feb 2003
Call graphs in Eclipse
I just discovered an Eclipse plugin that can display the call graphs into a method and out of a method. This is a piece of functionality that I've been hoping would get into Eclpse, so I'm happy that this plugin has made its appearance.

Other things I wish Eclipse would do:

  • Code folding - this keeps getting put off
  • Refactorings
    • Convert parameter to field (and the reverse)
    • Convert to inner class
  • Split pane editing
  • Ability to commit files from differences UI
  • I like to check in by doing a diff and then writing the comments from the diff. It'd be great if I could select the filename in the structure compare view and be able to commit from there.
  • Javadoc checking
  • Last time I used Netbeans, there was some code that would walk all the Javadoc comments to make sure they weren't empty
  • Ability to name versions within the local history
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Yes, all languages are turing complete, but....
Carlos points to a bunch of pages that describe how to implement features of various higher level languages in Java, or by creating a new language based on Java. While it's true that its useful to know how these features can be simulated, to me it's like saying that all general purpose languages are complete. Plus he left out the most important one: how to do macros in Java so that all the embedding and simulation can be hidden. I want my language to be expressive from the get go. I don't want to build these features in by emulation, and I don't want to use a pattern if I'm just working around deficiencies in the language.
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