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Thu, 09 Jan 2003
To pyblosxom or not to pyblosxom...
I'm still not sure if I really like how blosxom works. It definitely depends on file mod times to order the posted entries. The possibility of losing the time information via a crash is very scary to me.

If I can manage the entries with CVS and have it remember the mod times, then I feel somewhat better. Of course, then I need a copy of CVS and a python CGI capable web server on the laptop. Copying files from Windows via Samba seems to preserve at least the mod date (probably the time as well)

Why pyblosxom and not blosxom or blogscene (aside from the fact that you can't get blogscene yet)? I can't stand the thought of using a perl script to do the blog, especially if I want to be able to modify the functionality myself. Since I'm interested in Chandler, and Chandler's in python, and I want the blog to hook up to Chandler... But I'm losing all the work being done by the perl bloxsom hackers, such as trackbacks, static generation, etc and I'm losing access to all the Java stuff like Lucene (unless you count system'ing a java program as access).

I also tried to use MozBlog today. It sort of talks to pyblosxom, but I can't tell if the problems that I'm having are with MozBlog or with pyblosxom. And since I'm not any kind of either hacker, its hard for me to debug. I guess that if I could bet pyblosxom and MozBlog working together, I'd be pretty happy.

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